Day 1 of 60. Just start.

Today is day 1 of 60 on my 60 days of happiness challenge. As far as goals go I don't have any other than to commit & complete the full 60 days. I suspect some other goals may arise throughout this time as they should and when they do I'll welcome them with a warm and cozy hug (lol) but until then... I realized I can't continue to prolong this much needed restart until I "have goals" because I will never "have goals" if i continue to just "not care".
In an ideal world (which..honestly this is one) I would wake up enthusiastic everyday ready to kill it and be a radiating ball of sunshine.. this may happen. Or I may drag my feet here and there... some days I may wake up running & other days damn near refusing to get out of bed.. either way, the outcome will leave me in a better place than where I started which is always a good thing, right? RIGHT?!?!
Lol.. SO,
Hereeee weeee gooooooo

Win the day

Small accomplishments today that will make all the difference.

Today it is important to me that I...

  • Am grateful for what I have, friends, family, opportunity, unconditional love.
  • Practice mindfulness, make wise dietary choices that will make me feel my best. Be present.
  • Workout with intention. Intend to put my all into it. Today's all may be more or less than yesterday or tomorrow - be aware of what MY all is, and go for it.