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My fitness journey started much like the rest - I was partying excessively, eating poorly and practicing wasteful habits. With no direction or "purpose" in life I was all over the place.
Although I had been active and involved in sports my entire life, regularly hit the gym, ate fairly well, I never saw myself fill out or get the results I wanted solely from these activities. Once I started to teach myself to weight train I immediately saw results and my body started to transform. For me, fitness was more than aesthetics - it became my outlet. It helped me strengthen my mind and body, building my confidence to take on whatever the world throws at me. It is now my primary goal to help you build that confidence in yourself and provide the tools to do so.
I have created these programs to give you the proper information and tools you need to train and create the body you've always dreamed of! I've eliminated a lot of the guessing game you may feel when first starting out. It will be challenging, but not as challenging as facing it alone.
I hope that your journey is as empowering and uplifting as mine has been. You deserve it.
Lets get started!!!

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